About Me

Imagine, if you will, a search for truth.

Unheard of, I know. lol.

I searched far and wide, though thick and thin, trekked across deserts, and climbed over mountains to discover the long elusive answers to love and relationships.

What did I find?

I unearthed such an unbelievably startling fact, that I hesitate to type it here.

Just kidding!

The heightened drama was fun for a second, but I won't let you down.

What I found is that relationships are much like a day at a traveling carnival.

Yes, I said a traveling carnival.

Now bear with me on this.

It's a little strange, but so am I. ;)

You've got the...

...fun house (happy times)

...haunted house (bad relationships)

...rides (sensory overload, bonding experiences)

...games (dishonesty)

...sumptuous food (temptation)

...and a lot of other bodies wildly running around looking to have a good time (lust).

Still with me? What do you think?

It's genius, right! ;-p

Thank you.

But, I'm not done just yet.

All my experiences in life, coupled with the most unexpected, awe-inspiring spiritual awakening, lead me to my purpose and why this website exists.

It's my reason for being.

To help you awaken your soul, forge deeper connections, and live authentically.

Your awakening begins simply by being fully present and feeling confident in who you are.

Stop looking backward in time. Stop looking forward in time. Focus on right now, because all you'll ever have is a series of right now's. Make the most of each one.

Presence and Confidence.

It's that simple.

Start now.

Jeff Cohen ~ Founder