About Me

Name: Jeff Cohen
            Founder, KissMeGoodnight.com
Location: Boca Raton, Florida

My story is simple: I discovered long ago that love and relationships are much like a day at a traveling carnival. You've got the fun house (happy times), haunted house (bad relationships), rides (fun, bonding experiences), games (dishonesty), sumptuous food (lust), and a lot of other bodies wildly running about looking for a good time (temptation). Crazy but true, huh?!  So I found my purpose: to create this community whereby we can share our experiences, overcome obstacles in search of true love, grab our partner and lock lips under a beautiful starry night.

The cause is just: 1. Present YOU with the tools and information necessary to make your love life sizzle and romance sparkle. 2. Give everyone an equal opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas & solutions on how to improve relationships, feel more desirable and live a happier life.

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