Is your first impression always right?

Is Your First Impression Always Right?

When you say yes to a first date, why do you do it?

Do you trust your gut or do you use criteria?

Sometimes we are quick to judge who a person is based on how they dress, the length of their hair, the color of their lipstick or the phone they carry.

In other words, before getting to know someone, you make up your mind about whether or not they are someone worthy of your attention.

GRANTED, there are times when a first impression is important in your estimation of whether this person should become a part of your everyday life. But there are other times when a first impression is so far off base that you’re sorry you didn’t give that person the chance to get to know YOU.

All of us are guilty of this at one time or another. For instance, when walking outside late at night, a woman is more likely to stay on the same side of the street of a man dressed in a suit, but walk rapidly across the street when a biker dressed in tats and leathers comes walking toward her. Both are men and both hold the same level of danger to her, but her first impression is that the biker is more likely to be dangerous than the executive. I will tell you (from personal family experience) that bikers can have the biggest hearts too. Don't judge a book by its cover.

The second half of this myth is that if things don’t click between you on the first date, they won’t on the second, third or fourth either. Although you can get a good sense of someone on the first date, they don’t always turn out the same way you imagined. Sometimes a first date is colored by nerves or unforeseen accidents. But sometimes you find that you don’t have compatible values or that you have a strong distaste for the date’s appearance or personality. 

But, like with most other first impressions, it likely impossible to know this early if a person is right for you. Physical attraction will sometimes take a bit of time to build, so a first impression is not necessarily the right one.

Try not to make snap judgments or decide about someone based on a first impression.

You’ll be more likely to find the partner you’ve been searching for if you open your mind to the possibilities.

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