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Dr. Dennis W. Neder has written many articles on single mothers, infidelity, men's rights, dating multiple people at the same time, and even sadomasochism! Opinionated, direct and funny – this is one powerful, entertaining person and we are happy to have his thoughts on

Warning: Once you start reading the articles / Q&A below, you may not be able to stop! You never know what he'll say next.

Playing Hard To Get - I'm Confused!
The Six "R's" for Getting Your Ex Back
Relationship Death by Honesty : About About Lying
Air-Sick Bag, Please! (We Met On A Matrimonial Website)
A Plethora Of Relationship Problems Including Trust Issues
How To Get Past Your Past and Ask Her Out
The Deserving Dame (How To Get A Man To Commit)
Nice Girl Finishes Last
Being Single or Together - At a Distance
Tired Of Being Single
Maybe I Can Just Bore Her Into Liking Me?
I'm Confused About Playing "Hard to Get"
Conversations for a First, Second or Third Date
She's No Longer Interested
Time For A Change
Long-Distance, Bad News
A Matter of Trust
Do Men Really Like The Hunt? Men and 'The Hunt' Explained
Dumb Games and The Girls That Play 'Hard To Get'
What To Do When She Gives Too Much
How Texting Killed The Dating Beast
Am I in the Friend Zone?
Overcoming Self-Consciousness
How To Date – Back To Basics
How Do I Make a Move?
How Do I Approach Her and What Do I Say?
How Do I Start Dating?
How to Get Women to Be Attracted
She Texted Me To Ask Me Out - Is That Cool?
"Mentally Managing" Wife's Celibacy
What Can I Do To Help Make Her Feelings For Me Stronger?
Is My Girlfriend a Ho or Sexually Healthy?
She's Playing Him like a Guitar
The Christmas Day Dump
How To Be A Man
How To Keep Him Satisfied and Interested
The Chase is the Game
The Six R's To Getting Your Ex Back
How To Rebuild a Sexual Relationship With Your Girl
Silently, She Has An Orgasm
I'm Not Sure She Is Attracted To Me. What Do I Do?
Do Girls Have A Problem Dating Shorter Men?
Will This Girl's Gay Guy Friend Get In The Way?
Did My Compliment Make Him a Lost Cause?
Facebook Flirting
I Need Something (An Approach Technique) That'll Work – Hurry!
Do I Compromise To Get Him Back or Bolt?
Is Dating Culture Creating Murderers?
Stuck Between a Friendship and Something More
All or Nothing in Common - How Important Is It?
Have I Lost Her To The Ex? (Me, Her and the Ex)
Should Women Approach Men?
I Just Don't Know How to Start! (Meeting Men)
The "Un-Ex" (Having A Long Distance Relationship)
Being Too Smart for "Girl Games"
My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Father
Trying to Reconcile With My Girlfriend
The Rebound Relationship
Attraction and Love Formulas
How Do I Get Him To Marry Me?
I Have Small Breasts, Will He Like Me?
Understanding The Dumb Dating Games All Girls Play
My Girlfriend is a Liar!
Am I Just A "Clingy" Guy or Is My Problem Even Bigger?
She Became Just A Booty Call With Her Many Mixed Signals
Why is Having Sex Too Early Bad?
Going Too Fast, Going Too Slow
How To Move On After A Breakup
Which Guys are "Marriage Material"?
Maybe He'll be Mine If I Get Pregnant?
Why Do Women Love Men?
Clueless Guy Manipulated By Girl
Guy & Girl Playing Mind Games With Each Other
How To Communicate, Listen & Share Interests
Dating on Facebook
Sexual Stigma, Labels and Morality
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Dating Rights Verse Dating Responsibilities (Smoking)
Spending Evenings Together
How Much Should You Share With Your Date?
Finding The Right Woman - Just Never Satisfied!
Learning to Communicate
Will He Marry Me?
I'm Tired of Being "Too Shy"!
What is Love?
Girlfriend Travels with Ex-Boyfriend
Going From Non-Sexual to Sexual (performance problem in bed)
Seth Rogan - Male Roll Model?
Relationship Based On Sex Or More?
The Bureaucrat and the Girlfriend
This Guy is too Damn Nice!
In Love with a One-Night-Stand Man
I Want A Baby - Man or No Man
When the Rules Change - She Lost Interest
Are Women More Sexual Than Men?
How (and Who) Do Professional Women Date?
Married & She Changed The Rules. What Do I Do?
Dating Girls - What Am I Doing Wrong?
I'm In Dating Hell
The "Date Canceller" and other Feminine Games
Getting a Girl to Date Me
Help! I Lied to My Girlfriend!
A Woman's View of "The Test"
My Boyfriend's Libido
How To Get My Man to Commit
Learning to Climax During Intercourse
I'm Falling for a (Somewhat) Older Man
How To Deal with Rejection
Dating Hell
Girlfriend Doesn't Like Oral Sex
Caught Boyfriend Masturbating
I Have Never Been On A Date
Are Nice Guys a Dying Breed?
My Parents Don't Like My Boyfriend
Confusing Girl-Games
The Cheating Girlfriend
Should I Give Up Relationships To Have a Career?
How to Not Stiffen Up on the Approach
Lost Without a Trace: How Men Communicate
How Women Can Approach Men
How Can I Get Him to Never Leave Me?
How to Buy a Date from a Co-Worker
Hot Women Get Dumped for Someone Else
Dating in Different Cultures
Which is Best - Same or Different?
Sexless Relationship, Missing Boyfriend
Why Hot Women Treat Guys Like Crap
Sexually Frustrated
Turning Down a "Friend" Who Wants You
Asking a Guy Out
Should I Contact This Girl Again For a Date?
The Guy That Wants to Get Married
Approaching a Girl
Turn Girl into a Social Butterfly
Guy's Girl Wants to Get Back With Her Ex
After The Fight
Learn to Kiss, Damn it!
Approach Without Nervousness
How to Get Back Into Dating
I'm a Snoop!
Just How Does A Guy Meet A Girl, Anyway?
Talk is Cheap - Learn to Do It Right!
How To Get One Night Stands
Being Too Shy
Sabotaging Your Relationship
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
Should I Get Married?
Pre-Qualifying a Woman's Digits (Phone Number)
How Much is Sex Worth?
All About Lying
Going Through Hell
10-Steps To Constructive Arguing
Women are Dumb!
Men are Dumb!
The Rules of Fidelity
Why So Many Relationships?
Keeping My Boyfriend Sexually Attracted
Learning From the Past
Meeting Women in a Book or Music Shop
Should a Woman Ask a Guy Out?
Where in the Hell are They? (Potential Partners)
My Boyfriend is a Loser!
Does My Boyfriend Appreciate Me?
Girls: Learn How To Say "Yes"!
Lying is Bad - Um-Kay?
The Cowardice of "Taking Breaks"
How to NOT Impress Women With Gifts
Game-Playing Girlfriend
Getting Out of a Woman's Friend Zone
You Better Know How to Handle a Woman's "Test"!
Date Like a Model, Even if You're Not One of Them
Trouble in Break-Up City
10 Ways Women Can Be Lousy In Bed
Marriage and Religion
She's Commitment Phobic
The Reality of "Being Friends"
My Neighbor's Hot - And She Knows It!
How Long Does Sex Take?
Do You Think She Likes Me?
Dealing With the Fear of Rejection
Getting the Ex Back
I'm No Longer His "Dream"
How to Attract Women
The Older Woman
Dealing with Differences in Sex Drives
What's Her Problem (meeting a girl online)?
Is "Needing Someone" Unhealthy?
The Problem with Dating Farm Animals (my boyfriend is filthy)
The Girl at Work
Husband Kicked Out of the House
Handling Call-Backs, Messages and Setting Dates
Moving On and Knowing That You've Moved On
I Don't Want to Look Like an Idiot!
Find What Makes You Happy
Dating Rights Verse Dating Responsibilities - Smoking
Should I Call to Confirm a Date?
It's the Choices You Make Now
Messing Up The Perfect Thing
A Sensitive/Sensitivity Problem (Men)
Grow Yourself, Grow Your Relationship
I Feel Like I've Been Waiting Forever!
Have I Been Replaced?
The Three Keys to the Cold Approach
The Magic of the Approach
Interviewing For the Love of Your Life
How Do I Make It Through a Breakup?
Do Men Respect Women?
Building Experience From Inexperience
Why Can't I Meet Someone That's Available?
Break-Up Fake-Out, or Move Out Without the Lout?
Is it Time to Move in Together?
Do YOU Have Different Rules For Women?
Why It's So Hard To Not Be A 'Nice Guy'
How Big a Gift is Appropriate?
Is She Just a Habit?
Strong Women, Submissive Women
How To Handle The Silent Treatment
My Flaky Girl Problem
Knowledge is Power - When You Have It!
You Have To Learn The Game!
Physically Close, Emotionally Distant
How Do I Know? (what I want in a relationship)
What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate!
In a Sea of Messages, This One's Mixed
Marriage Isn't a Relationship, It's a Format
How Do I Tell Him To Tell Me? (how he feels)
The Better Part of Discretion
Men Won't Approach Me!
Would Setting Him Up Be Wrong? (cheating boyfriend)
I Love Getting Gifts!
The Farmer's Milk
Friendships and False Hopes
Healthy, Happy - or Just Hopeless?
Failing to Plan? Plan to Fail!
Rebuilding Trust
Ex-Wife In The Way
The Harsh Reality (of women)
Is It Possible (to break up and still have sex)
Doc Gives A Reader A Gift! (being exclusive and expectations)
Get Serious! (or get away from me)
Habitual Self-Sabotage
How To Change A Belief System
When Three's Company (Threesomes)
Come On, Tell Us "The Truth"
Stick With The "True" or Go For The "New"?
Finding Out What Your "Type" Is
Mistrust and "Trustability"
Exploring The Approach
The Date Breaker
Learn the Game From The Beginning
The Difference Between "Trust" and "Respect"
Live The Way You Choose...
Stop The Madness!
Dealing With The "Game Buster"
It's All In The Plan
Have I Wasted My Life?
No "If's", "And's", Just One Big "Butt"
How to Improve a Sex Life
Betting On A Sure Thing
Communication Issues While Dating
Building The Relationship
Lesbians Need Trust Too!
The Test By Proxy
Where to Look to Find Your Balls
Flirty Girls and Mixed Messages
The Elusive Relationship
How Slow is Too Slow?
Raising Boys to Be Men
Lost For Being Selfish
Cultivating Good Communication Skills
Basics Of The Approach
First Email Contact
Establishing Posture
On-Line Personal Ad Response
My Girlfriend and Her Fast (Food) Boss
Get Over Being Shy!
In Love At A Distance
Focus On Yourself
Grow Up and Be A Man!
Be Careful About Where You Get Your Advice
Never Give Up!
How Do I Get Her Out of His Life?
My Wife Is Helping a Cheater!
When Women Won't Commit
At The End of My Sexual Rope!
Being Used - and Abused
Going Dutch
The "Attention Whore" Rides Again!
From "Jerk" to "Prepared"
How Young is Too Young?
I Can't Believe People "Like You"!
Is Sex All There Is?
Handling A Blind Date
The Problem Isn't Beauty!
Finding the "G" Spot
Help Him Be Monogamous
My Unfaithful Girlfriend
Dating Multiple Women at Once
Musings About Mixed Messages
My Girlfriend is a Spy!
Sexual Conversion
The "Crossword Puzzle" Approach
Me, My Ex, My Ex's Friend & Kids
Can Virginity Survive College?
Holiday Pressure for Commitment
"Divide and Conquer" Approach
The Cruise Ship Screw
Being a Pussy Will Make You Blue
Help with Stuttering
Mr. Nice Guy
Help! My Boyfriend is the Girlfriend!
The Classic "Attention Whore"
It's Marriage Or Else!
How To Be The "Other Guy"
How to Handle the Check (and more)
If You Lead, They Will Follow
Turning Boys Into Men
Dealing With A Self-Centered Guy
Learning How to Dance
A Sense of Urgency
Should I Marry "The One"?
Back To Basics - Setting Up Dates
Subliminal Types and Hypnosis
The Boyfriend, The Baby & The Breakup
Hooking Up At Her Work
When Mom Gets In The Way
She Keeps Kissing Everybody!
It's All In The Approach
Key To The First Date
My Girl Flirts
What Are Your Goals - Girl-Friend or Girlfriend?
Overcoming Rejection - Handling Objections
Why Do Men Fear Commitment?
Being "Daddy" Without the Sugar
Can You "Love" If You Don't Like"?
The Ex-Wife Gets In The Way
Getting Over Social Phobia
My Neighbor's Wife
My Neighbor's Wife - Revisited
We're Not Communicating!
Hold Your Dates In Person
Playing the Game With a Game Player
Learning to Be A Sexual Person
Selling Skills = Dating Success
Learning to be a Man
Dating Two (or More) Women At A Time
How to Manage The Costs of Dating
How Low Can You Go?
More on "Female Friends"
When To Pop The (Other) Question
Am I Missing My G-Spot?
How Do I Know She "Loves" Me?
The Case Of Brotherly Love
The Married Woman and The Date
The Ex In The Way
Why Do You Want My Number?
How to Handle Age Questions
My Boyfriend Has Changed His Mind
It's a Game - A Man's Game
How To Keep Her From Cheating
Sexual Technique For The Would-Be Lover
Am I Her Pet?
Where To Start When You Have No Map
He's Hot, He's Cold, He's Hot Again!
When to Introduce Her To Your Friends
Everybody Has A Past
The Problem With Single Mothers
So, Are Looks Important Or Not?
How Much Should You Admit in Personal Ads?
Should I Let My Girlfriend Go and Get Married?
My Girlfriend is Married
All My Men Are Friends!
Too Shy to Try
Divorce, the Kids, Family and Me
A Case Where Truth Doesn't Hurt
Do I Have A Chance With Him?
It's Time to Get Moving With Women
From "Sensitive" to "Masculine" in 4 Easy Steps
Women Are Naturally Competitive - Use It!
The Test
10 Signs That It's Time To Break Up
Why Are Beautiful Women Crazy?
Meeting Someone Special
Giving a Great Massage
Confidence - How To Show It Even If You Don't Have It
Mental Health in Relationships
My Man Doesn't Want Sex!
Take That Risk!
The Value of Male Friends
How Do I "Divorce the Ex"?
Compliments and "Metacompliments"
Jump In and Ruin Your Future!
The Angry Golddigger
What Is Rape?
"The Test" and "The Challenge"
Another Lying, Using Bitch!
The "Big O"
Control Premature Ejaculation
Being The "Transition Guy"
The "Owned Woman"
The "Inter-Dependent" Relationship
Fear, As a Motivator
Could These Balls Be Yours, By Chance?
Who Exactly Is In Control Here?
Who Is The REAL Problem Here?
Dating With A.D.D.
Get Over It Already!
I Don't Trust Myself!
A Case of Mistaken Virginity
"Right-Sizing" Your Relationship
How to Keep it "Just Sex"
Is He Jerking Me By Jerking Off?
Getting "In Touch" With Yourself
He Doesn't Want What I Want!
She Changed My Plans!
Breaking Up
More on Breaking Up
The "Insider Friend"
Case of the Hidden Boyfriend
Pending Marriage Causes Concern
Deciding Who Is In Control
When The Rules Change
Love Is No Excuse To Be Abused
In Every Ending, A New Beginning
Why Aren't Women Better Lovers?
When NOT To Get Married
Making Eye Contact
Some Women Won't Take "No"
Why Are Men So Infuriating?
Dating Interracially
The Cheating Girlfriend
Being a Coward and Taking it Slow
Financial Accounting in Relationships
Are Women Sluts?
My Hot Neighbor
From Friend To Boyfriend
Don't Sit In The "Wussy Tree"
Better To "Give" or "Receive"?
How To Handle a Dry Spell
Cliff Notes On The First Date
How Can Women Be Great In Bed?
She Has A Boyfriend
The Meaning Of A Jewelry Change
Oh! Sweet Approachable You!
The Selfish Girlfriend
She's Just Too Busy
Learning To Be A Man During A Breakup
Painful Shyness and Fear
The Elusive "G Spot"
Trying To Buy Her Affection
She Just Won't Have Sex
Learning To Trust
My "Friend" Wants More
How Not To Be Clingy
The "Selfish Woman" Syndrome
How Do I Get Him To Marry Me?
Difference Between Northern/Southern Girls
Building a "Hip" Wardrobe
"Convert": Date to Sex
Controlling Jealousy
Love Hurts!
Turning an Email Address Into a Phone Number
Get Out of "Friendship Hell"
Manipulation and Game Playing
A Total Lack Of Respect
Overcoming Nervousness
My Girlfriend Can't Stop Flirting
The Unfaithful Boyfriend
One Night Stands
How To Get A Man To Answer Relationship Questions
Stop Being Used!
Spotting & Avoiding The "Attention Whore"
Getting A Waitress's Phone Number
Why Are Men Obsessed With Porn?
The Mathematics of Moving In Together
First Date Checklist
Making The First Move
What To Do When You Just Can't Seem To Let Go
It's Never Too Late To Date
How To Never Be At A Loss For Words
Follow-up: How to Never Be At A Loss For Words
Speak Up! Getting What You Want In Bed (for Women)
Men: Learn How To Be Approached
10 Ways to Know Your Relationship is "Right"
Your Cheatin' Heart
Just What Is a "Committed Relationship" Anyway
The Perils of Internet Dating
Working Bars and Clubs
Reviving a Stale Relationship
She Won't Have Sex With Me!
Why Won't She Be Honest?
Dating While Still Being In a Relationship
A Sexless, Passionless Lifestyle
Relationship Broken Up By "Friend"
Fighting Keeps Ending My Relationships!
Does My Girlfriend Love Me?
It's Really About Your Goals
Living Together Before Marriage
I Can't Get Him To Leave!
The Secret To Getting Men To Commit
My Boring Life!
Clarification On Breaking Up
Is He Cheating?
How To Know A Woman's Interest
What Is The Liklihood Of Finding Your Soul Mate?
What Do Men Really Want?
The "Independent Woman" - A Recipe For Disaster
Looking For The "Sure Thing"?
How To Tell If A Woman Is Sexually Open
Can Women Make The First Move?
Am I Sabotoging My Relationship?
Being Shy Is Only An Excuse
Good Looking Girl = Low Self Esteem
Stop Being A Clingy Jerk!


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