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What Scents are Best for the Bedroom?

The bedroom is a personal space; its that private sanctuary where we wind down at night for a good nights sleep and motivate ourselves in the morning to get up and get started on a new day. And, of course, bedrooms are not just for sleeping -- at certain times, with certain company, the bedroom is a place where romantic dreams can come true.

Filling the bedroom with the right scents at the right times will create the proper atmosphere for relaxation, sleep or romance. The sense of smell is, after all, the most powerful of your senses -- the one that can send the most vivid messages to your brain and evoke the most vivid images.

Use scented candles, bunches of fresh flowers, essential oils, potpourri, or incense in your bedroom to create the proper mood for the desired activity. Add some green plants and you are actually adding oxygen and a bit of humidity -- this will help you breath better, sleep better and will allow the scented air to work its magic.

Lavender to relax! Some scents work best to calm you down, relax you and prepare you for sleep. Lavender, for example, is well known as a scent that will relax you and it is said that lavender will actually slow your body down by reducing your heart rate and your blood pressure and by relaxing your muscles. That may sound pretty far fetched but it's been proven to be true.

Other relaxing aromas! There are some other scents that approximate the effect of lavender on your body and mind:

Bergamot: Bergamot oil is the oil that is extracted from the peel of the bergamot orange; a small citrus fruit that is mainly found in the south of Italy. (This is NOT the perennial plant in the mint family known as Bergamot, Bergamot mint, Oswego Tea or Crimson Beebalm). The Bergamot orange is most well known as a source for a flavoring used in Earl Grey brand teas. Bergamot has a sweet, spicy scent that is refreshing and uplifting.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is one of the oldest incense materials; it has been in use for at least 4,000 years and is a very important ingredient in both the traditional and modern formulas of Japanese incense. Sandalwood has a woody, exotic scent that is warming and relaxing.

Majoram: Marjoram is a member of the oregano family. It has a warm, spicy scent (similar to mild oregano) and is noted for its soothing, warming effects.

Sage: The aromatic spice found in the kitchen is also available as an essential oil. The scent is exotic and the effects may be relaxing to some.

Scents that scintillate! Time to turn your bedroom into something other than a sleeping room? Some scents will relax you while others have a refreshing, invigorating effect.

Citrus: Citrus is an energy and mood enhancer. The citrus scent can turn your bedroom into a launch pad for your day.

Fruit and Flowers: Fill your bedroom with the scents of fruit and flowers and romance will be in the air -- these scents weaken a man's defenses and get his blood flowing. Jasmine, Gardenia, Sandalwood, and Rose scents are also said to nurture the romantic spirit.

Mint and Pine: Mint and pine (used in moderation) are clean, uplifting scents that will help you start the morning with a refreshing optimism.

Tips on scented candles! Scented candles that aren't used or stored properly will quickly loose their scent; some quick tips to keep those candles smelling good:

Keep candles out of the light when not in use. When exposed to bright sunlight or bright room light their color and smell will fade.

After burning a candle wipe the excess carbon off the wick.

Don't burn a candle for too long; the rule is one hour for every inch of diameter. Then put it out and let it cool before re-lighting it.

Keeping candles in the refrigerator will make them burn more slowly and evenly. Wrap them up good before putting them in the refrigerator so the wick doesn't absorb moisture.

Keep candles separated from each other by at least three inches while they are lit. This keeps each one burning slower and more evenly.

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