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Choosing a Perfume or Fragrance For You

The choice of one's perfume says a lot about one's personality, lifestyle and way of thinking. And it also makes quite an impact on other people as well. Long after you leave a room you want your fragrance to linger on, as if in remembrance of you and your strong presence. It was famous perfumer Jean Guerlain who said, "Perfume is the most intense form of memory." A fragrance is so many things. It is art, it is emotion, it is romance, it is energy, it is intimacy and it is empowerment. Perfume tells a story all its own. For all of these reasons choosing a signature fragrance or perfume is so very essential to a woman's sense of self. Today's fragrance market is booming with over 20,000 fragrances for perfume lovers to choose from. So how does one decide on a signature fragrance? Read on …

The first thing you need to do is decide on what specific mood it is you are attempting to create. Once you decide on that then you have completed the first important step. Fragrances can be broken down into three loosely based groups. These groups include classic, delicate and sensual.

If you are not sure exactly what fragrance you are seeking then go for a classic scent. Classic scents are the tried-and-true, old standbys of perfumes. But there is nothing dull or boring about these authentic fragrances! Classic perfumes are like the classic black dress or pair of pearl earrings that should be staples of any woman's wardrobe. A classic fragrance matches everything. It is perfect with every outfit, every pair of shoes, for every season of the year and for every occasion, whether it be business, social or casual. Chanel No. 5 is one of the classiest and most timeless scents around. This perfume combines ming, rose and jasmine and is a favorite of women all across the globe- from Canada to the United States and from Europe to Asia and everywhere in between. Chanel No. 5 is truly a sophisticated and elegant choice for a classic scent. Another classic fragrance worth considering is Oscar which contains just the right blend of Bulgarian rose, amber, jasmine and mirth. This is a grown up perfume that is ideal for black tie galas.

The second group is the delicate fragrances and as their name suggests, these are very soft and feminine and hard not to fall in love with! Two of the most popular delicate fragrances on the market today are L'Air Du Temps and Premier Jour. L'Air Du Temps first appeared on the scene in 1948 and creator Nina Ricci made a hit with her delicate scent that consists of carnation and gardenia and smaller but no less important ingredients jasmine, rose and sandalwood. This perfume has often been described as being a "garden of delights." Another well-known fragrance of Nina Ricci's is called Premier Jour and this very ultra modern fragrance of the 21st century is based on a note of sugared almond and is very pleasing to the senses.

The third group is the sensual group and it is very bold, self confident and passionate. Sensual calls to mind two signature fragrances right away, Opium and Chance by Chanel. Opium first appeared on the fragrance front in 1977 and it has been exceptionally popular ever since. This perfume is thought to be sultry and magical with its blend of carnation, jasmine, lily of the valley, mandarin, amber and vanilla. One of Chanel's latest fragrances, Chance, is spirited not to mention edgy, and boosts a feeling of enthusiasm and optimism. This perfume is sure to delight any woman with its sensual pleasures. The scent is made up of citrus notes, jasmine, pink pepper and white musk.

When shopping for your signature perfume you should remember that your choice of fragrance should complement everything about you, from your looks to your personality to your specific lifestyle. How a perfume smells on somebody has a lot to do with his or her body chemistry, as body chemistry is a very individual entity. The same scent on one woman will smell differently on another. That is why it is so essential to make a determination about perfume based on how it smells on your skin, not on someone else's. Be aware that fragrances after they are applied to the skin change their smell slightly so be patient and give it time to decide if it is suitable for you and especially if you want to make it your signature fragrance. A signature fragrance is very unique- make yours speak for you!

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