How To Choose a Robe

To many, the robe is just the simple cover up garment they throw on when walking to the shower or in their pajamas. This can be the case but robes can come in all different styles and be just as sexy as what is underneath or lack thereof. What type of robe you decide to get will all depend on what you are using it for. It will also depend if you want more than one style to fit several needs. There are many on the market that are just functional and cover you up completely when needed. There are others that serve a duel purpose and combine function with flare and sensuality. Other robes are never meant to be seen outside of the bedroom. They are sheer, see through, and don't leave much to the imagination. Therefore, you truly want to know what you are looking for in way of versatility. You are better off to buy more than one robe that fits many different niches in your life than to buy one that you think covers all your needs and does not.

Buying a simple bathrobe can be an easy or hard thing depending on where you go. You will need to go to either a lingerie shop or large department store to find them anymore. Define what you will be using this garment for. Will you be traveling to and from the bathroom for bathing? Will it be worn for midnight trips to the potty of fridge? Do you want to wear it over your pajamas until you go to bed at night? If this is the case, you really only need a simple style. It should keep you warm and be absorbent. Terrycloth, cotton, and synthetic cotton blends make great robes for this purpose. They are not designed to be sleek and sexy. Their role is on the practical side of things. However, rest assured that they will provide you with comfort and warmth, as is their purpose. You will find robes of this type are available in many colors and prints. All you will have to do is pick one and you are good to go. The one thing to take into consideration is length. If you are looking for warmth as well as covering up then you will want a longer design. If all you care about is just covering up, then a little short and sassy style might suit you better.

If you are looking for a robe that you can wear to be sexy and remain covered when needed, then you will want to be a bit pickier. Choose a fabric that feels good to touch as well as on your skin. You can choose higher thread count lightweight cottons or even go more erotic. Silks, satins, and other synthetic materials feel incredible and sensual to wear. This type of robe should be solid or printed but sexy. One should not be able to see through this robe. You will want to be able to throw it on top of something else more revealing and be able to walk around without revealing anything. You should be able to wear this robe for two purposes. One reason is as a sexy accessory to some lingerie. Second reason is to cover up when needed without worry of showing anyone your business.

When buying that sexy, slinky robe that is meant for playtime, you will want to consider many things. You will want to pick a color and design that will compliment the other pieces in your outfit. Color and style is of utmost importance here. You may have many pieces of sex lingerie that you will want to wear this with or just one. If there are many then you will want to choose a color that fits well with all of them. Go basic. If you have mostly dark colors a sheer black will work great. If your lingerie collection is mostly pastels or bright reds and blues go for the white sheer robe instead. This will allow you much more versatility to your selection. If you are buying a robe for a specific out fit then choose by the color of the other garment. The robe should be small, sexy and completely see through. The idea is that one can see right through your clothes to the sexy goods.

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