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  • He or she suddenly is working late. If there is a raise, a special project, or a possible promotion in the offing, this may be legitimate and free of any hanky panky. But if it seems as if your spouse works late one, then two, then three nights a week without any of these situations existing, something may be up.

    New clothes. If your spouse begins to purchase clothing that is a little younger or a little different in style from what he or she normally likes, it may be a sign of the influence of a new playmate. This is especially true if these new styles are not anything you have suggested would look good on your spouse.

    Sexy undergarments. If your man goes from wearing boxers to bikini briefs without asking your opinion, then he did not buy them for your benefit. By the same token, if a woman buys sexy lingerie and does not model the ensemble for her husband, rest assured somebody else is getting the benefit of the visual delight.

    Fresh scents. If your spouse has worn the same cologne or perfume for years and decides to go with something new and trendy, this may be an attempt to become more desirable - to someone other than you.

    Change in Hygiene Habits. More frequent showers, changing soaps and shampoos for no apparent reason, and carrying breath mints around after avoiding them like the plague for years means something is probably up.

    Preoccupation. If a spouse is cheating, there is often a certain amount of withdrawal. The cheating spouse becomes quieter around the house, often contributing less to conversations.

    Decrease in sexual activity. When a spouse who used to display a great deal of interest in engaging in sex and being affectionate begins to be tired and have frequent headaches at bedtime, it could be they are having their needs met elsewhere.

    Overcompensation. This is one of the most common of all the 10 signs of cheating spouse activity. The cheating wife may go out of her way to be understanding when her husband wants to go out with his buddies. In like manner, the cheating husband may start showing up with flowers and other little gifts for no apparent reason.

    Money is disappearing. Motel rooms are not free. If money seems to be a little tighter even though the family budget shows no new bills, something may be up.

    Changes in temperament. Cheating spouses may suddenly become easily irritated, or develop a great deal of apathy. This loss in interest may begin in the bedroom and spread to other areas of the marriage in a short period of time.

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