Comment to 'How To Successfully Attract Women To You'
  • Do not bore her.

    There are times when men tend to bore women without even realizing that they are doing that.

    Never talk about your work, sports or weather when you are with a lady, unless you know that she is truly interested in the subject.

    She may listen for hours and even say she is interested just to be polite. Then she will go home without agreeing to a second date, and you are left wondering why. The reason is, you fell for her pretense of interest, and ended up boring her.

    If she is genuinely interested in a subject she will not just ask questions and listen, she will have a lot to say about it. For example: if she asks you which team you think will win the Super Bowl, she is pretending to be interested. If she tells you which team she thinks will win, and why, then okay, she may be interested in football.

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