Comment to 'What Lingerie Do Men Love Most?'
  • Corsets/bustiers.

    There is not a man in the world who would not want to look at a woman wearing either one of these tantalizing little numbers.

    The corset is designed to slim the body and flattens your silhouette. The amount of cleavage is so sexy. Count in a little G-string or thong with a pair of thigh high stockings and you will have him reeling.

    The bustier is designed very similar but has cups like a bra. Some come with a detachable garter and stockings that just add to the allure. Colors to go with when thinking of what men love are black, white, or red, the sexy bad girl look. That just drives men absolutely to the breaking point. Other colors to consider are the sensual pastels. They take a hot outfit made for a woman and give it a girlish flare, which turns men right on.

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