Comment to 'How To Recover From A Breakup... Even When Completely Blindsided'
  • Take time to ponder what's happened to you.

    It's common to try to work extra hours, stay away from home, or avoid being alone to prevent having to emotionally face the absence of a partner.

    • However, you'll gain a better understanding of what's happened if you spend some moments identifying the events that led to the break-up.

    • This step may be tough for you to do. If so, limit the time you'll allow yourself to think about the relevant facts of the situation to a half-hour a day.

    Evaluate your relationship patterns.

    If this is an isolated event, you may be able to leave it at that. Maybe your partner had a disturbing event take place in their life or perhaps they were on the rebound from a previous romance. If these types of breakups keep happening to you, ask yourself why.

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