Comment to 'How To Recover From A Breakup... Even When Completely Blindsided'
  • Try something new.

    Get yourself out of your own head and back in to the mainstream of life. Challenge yourself to learn something new or pursue a hidden passion. To illustrate, consider the following suggestions as examples of putting your toe in unfamiliar, yet fascinating waters:

    • Volunteer at a child-mentoring agency or help the less fortunate,
    • Take a course in Art History at your local community college.
    • Learn a new skill, like wood-crafting, making stained glass, or jewelry-making,
    • Join a local club that does fund-raising for charities,
    • Go to and find a group for you.

    Set new goals.

    Tackle new and exciting projects. If you've been thinking about getting a dog, adopt one. Plan a vacation to the Bahamas. Learn to bake bread or knit a scarf.

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