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  • Signs Of Financial Abuse:

    • Giving an allowance and closely watching how you spend it or demanding receipts for purchases
    • Placing your paycheck in their bank account and denying you access to it
    • Preventing you from viewing or having access to bank accounts
    • Forbidding you to work or limiting the hours that you can work
    • Maxing out credit cards in your name without permission or not paying the bills on credit cards, which could ruin your credit score
    • Stealing money from you or your family and friends
    • Using funds from children's savings accounts without your permission
    • Living in your home but refusing to work or contribute to the household
    • Making you give them your tax returns or confiscating joint tax returns
    • Refusing to give you money to pay for necessities/shared expenses like food, clothing, transportation, or medical care and medicine

    Go to this page: The National Domestic Violence Hotline: Financial Abuse

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