How To Successfully Attract Women To You

Different women value different things, but all good women have certain things in common that they value in a man.

Looks are important, but may not be as important as you think!

Below are the things that women find of lasting value and find attractive.

Some may seem simple and straightforward to you, but some men still haven't gotten the memo. You'd be shocked at the horror stories women tell.

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    • Self-Confidence!

      Women love, love, love confident men. If you low on self-confidence, click here. Same with low self-esteem - click here.

      Mentally tell yourself that you are a great and confident guy.

      Be optimistic and positive.

      Approach a woman without the fear of rejection. If you are rejected then it's not a problem. It doesn't have to hurt you or diminish your confidence. Anyway there is nothing you can do to change the fact so get over it - fast.

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      • Do not consider yourself as unattractive.

        If you feel that you are not attractive then there is no way in which you can make the woman find you attractive. This type of thinking will influence your body language and the way you think. Take some care over your appearance so that you feel at your best, and start telling yourself that you are attractive.

        If you feel like you need a male-makeover - click here.

        Just do it.

        You need to feel good about yourself starting NOW.

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        • Do not treat a woman like a prize.

          Do not place her on a pedestal either.

          Most women are instantly turned off by this, yet A LOT of men just don't get it. And the girl that does like this... well, you'll never satisfy her. Nobody will. It's a bottomless pit of need.

          A woman does not like the idea of being a prize or a possession. She will not be attracted to you if she thinks you are showing off that you are with her, or if she suspects that you will boast about your conquest of her to your friends.

          Give her a challenge. Geez.

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          • Make the lady feel good.

            If you want to attract and seduce a lady then it is very important to make her feel good in your company. If she feels happy in your company then it will not take a long time to attract her and then seduce her.

            Do not, I repeat, do not immediately and constantly tell her how beautiful she is! She has been hearing that same line every day her entire life. Shut up and find something specific and genuine about her that you like. Express that to her later on and in situations it's called for.

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            • Smile.

              A smile does not cost you anything. So put a genuine smile on your face.

              That's attractive!

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              • Intelligence.

                This doesn't necessarily mean book smarts - you have to show that you have common sense. Enriching your conversation by discussing passions of yours is fantastic too (ie: what do you really enjoy doing OUTSIDE of work?)

                Also, many women appreciate a man who reads.

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                • A sense of humor.

                  If she gets your brand of humor - you're in.

                  If she doesn't, it does not mean you aren't funny. Move on and find a girl you laughs with you and not at you.

                  PS: Don't try to hard with the humor thing. She will see right thru an act. Be yourself.

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                  • Avoid Yes / No Questions.

                    Avoid questions that can have Yes or No as the answer, e.g. "Do you like movies?"

                    These are conversation killers that you generally won't recover from.

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                    • Try to interpret her body language.

                      Many men do not think that it is necessary to read the body language of the women that they are interested in. By reading her body language you will have some idea about whether she is interested in you or not.


                      The body doesn't lie. It'll tell you exactly what she thinks, regardless of what she is saying. When the two are in conflict, body language wins.


                      Oh, and by the way... every woman starts studying your body language the second you two meet.

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                      • Do not talk too much.

                        If you haven't noticed, women like to talk too.

                        Should you consistently talk over her, she will turn her back on you. She will either think that you are babbling because of nervousness, or if not, she will find you boring. Try to get her talking! Even with the shyest woman you can do this if you help her to feel relaxed and find out what she is really interested in.

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                        • Do not bore her.

                          There are times when men tend to bore women without even realizing that they are doing that.

                          Never talk about your work, sports or weather when you are with a lady, unless you know that she is truly interested in the subject.

                          She may listen for hours and even say she is interested just to be polite. Then she will go home without agreeing to a second date, and you are left wondering why. The reason is, you fell for her pretense of interest, and ended up boring her.

                          If she is genuinely interested in a subject she will not just ask questions and listen, she will have a lot to say about it. For example: if she asks you which team you think will win the Super Bowl, she is pretending to be interested. If she tells you which team she thinks will win, and why, then okay, she may be interested in football.

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                          • Be generous.

                            By this I don't mean to go overboard and start giving gift after gift after gift. You can't buy her. If you find a woman who likes this, then she likes your gifts and NOT YOU. When the gifts stop, so will she.

                            I mean be generous with yourself and your heart.

                            Women generally do not like men who are stingy inside and out.

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                            • Respect.

                              Show respect - for yourself and to her, her family, her friends, strangers and everyone else.

                              She's watching you like a hawk and how you behave.

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                              • Who are you?

                                She will be more attracted to a man who shows responsibility and stability.

                                She will be more attracted to a man who shares similar values and interests as she.

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                                • Acceptance.

                                  Like her for who she is. Don't try to change her, fix her or swoop in and tell her that her life is nothing without you.

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