How Can I Tell If He Is The Right Man For Me?

So you've met a new guy... and he's wonderful!

But what are the signs that he is the right guy for you?

He could be your soul mate. Or he may turn out to be a complete bust.

How can you tell? What clues should you be looking for?

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    • Intuition.

      Often you will know the moment you meet a guy that there is something special about him. It's that 'eyes meeting across the room' feeling. We are not talking about sexual attraction here, but something deeper.

      It's the same feeling that you might get when you first meet someone who is destined to become a great friend. Your intuition tells you that there is some link between you and him - like you already know them. There is no desperate desire, just the feeling that it is right that you should get to know him.

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      • Synchronicity.

        Synchronicity is the phenomenon of meaningful things happening together in such a way that they are linked, although one thing did not cause the other. It is as if there is a pattern to the events that is showing you that you are going in the right direction.

        If he is the right guy for you, then getting together should not be too much of a struggle. You will find everything falling into place as if it was 'meant to be'. If there are obstacles now and then, they will be overcome; generally, the path is smooth.

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        • Morals & Beliefs.

          Everyone comes with their own set of morals and beliefs. We all know that we should be open, honest, and accepting of others. But oftentimes when our core beliefs differ, it's hard to have a lasting relationship. This is why you'll want to have deep discussions about faith, morals, and beliefs with him. If he isn't a fit at this deep of a level, you should seriously consider whether the relationship is even worth getting serious about.

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          • Communication.

            You'll hear over and over that communication is the key. There are different ways of communicating and you need to figure out the best way to communicate with him. At the same time you need to know that you can live with this communication method. Some guys are big on talking, while others are more sensitive to nonverbal communication.

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            • Personality.

              Your personality plays a big role in deciding your compatibility with him. However, it's always up for debate whether or not it's best to be with someone with a similar personality or someone with an opposite personality. In this case you'll have to decide your own preference and see how it works out for you.

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              • Respect.

                Does he respect you, your body, your family and your friends? You're one of a kind, so you shouldn't give yourself to just anyone. You're worth it!

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                • Family.

                  You need to mesh well with his family and vice versa. Discussions about family also include your hopes and dreams when it comes to your own future family. Do you want to get married someday? If so, how many kids would you like to have?

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                  • Conflicts, fights & arguments.

                    Even the most perfect couples deal with conflict from time to time. Both you and him need to learn the best methods to get through arguments effectively. Try not to lash out in anger, instead strive to understand him. Instead of playing the blame game, discuss your problems calmly. If he attacks you or consistently ignores your feelings, then it's perhaps not a good fit.

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                    • Hobbies & Interests.

                      It's pretty certain that you won't share every hobby and interest that he enjoys. However, it definitely helps the relationship when you have things in common. This will provide you with activities to do with each other in order to deepen your relationship. There will also be plenty of topics for conversation.

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                      • What do you truly want?

                        Figure out what you want. When trying to figure out if he is the right guy for you, you first need to discover what it is you want from him, your relationship, and life as a whole.

                        It's important to know what's significant to you and the values you hold dear. If you don't know what you're looking for, how will you ever be able to find it?

                        This includes knowing yourself well enough to feel confident in your goals, values, and other ideas that are important to you.

                        • Once you clarify your values to yourself, you'll soon start to notice whether he's the right guy for you.
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