Top 13 Ways To Feel Attractive Inside & Out On Your First Date

"I have a low self-image. How can I change this?"

"How do I feel attractive when I step out the door?"

"I need a boost of confidence before I go out on dates. Help!"

"What can I do to make a better impression when I am out on a date?"

First dates are filled with anticipation and anxiety. When you're going out on a first date, you want to make a good first impression.

To ensure you put your best foot forward with confidence, try these suggestions to feel more attractive inside and out.

On The Inside:

Shower yourself with compliments.

Lift your spirits by giving yourself a pep talk. Focus on your best qualities from your sparkling eyes to your infectious laugh. Tap into the power of positive thinking and affirm all that's good.


Stock up on small talk.

You will feel more confident if the conversation flows smoothly on your date. Supply yourself with interesting topics from the daily news. Think about the books and movies you've recently enjoyed or a funny story about something your dog did. Make sure your list is varied or else you may spend all evening droning on about the same thing.



Moderate exercise releases those feel-good endorphins. It's a healthy way to reduce daily stress and boost your energy levels in case you want to dance all night. Visit the gym before work or go for a walk at lunch.


Practice relaxation techniques.

If you're feeling nervous, spend a few minutes on a relaxation method that works for you. You could engage in breathing meditation or listen to soothing music.


Focus on others.

One of the most effective ways to feel better about yourself is to think about others. Concentrate on the person you're dating. Help them to feel comfortable and accepted.


Smell good.

Pick a fragrance that suits your personality, whether it's romantic and floral or intense and spicy. Layer different products with the same scent to get a longer lasting effect.


On The Outside:

Wear a flattering outfit.

Wear something that you know looks good on you. Fitted pants and a classic sweater will look appropriate for most activities. Ensure your shoes look tidy even if you're wearing sneakers.


Add interest with accessories.

Liven up a simple outfit with well-chosen accessories. A colorful scarf can enhance your complexion. Show off your artistic side by mixing a few necklaces in different shapes and lengths. Guys, a funky wrist-watch or colorful manly accessory will go a long way.


Make the most of your hair.

Hair is one of the first things that people notice about your appearance. If you've got great hair, flaunt it. In any case, pick a style that will hold up no matter what the weather does.


Select the right eyeglass frames for your face.

Glasses are another attention grabber. If you wear glasses, invest in attractive frames that complement the shape of your face.


Maintain good posture.

Good posture can make you look thinner, younger, and healthier. It also helps you breathe correctly so you'll have more energy. Hold your abdomen and buttocks firm. Keep your shoulders lowered and relaxed. Distribute your weight evenly over both feet.


Go for a makeover.

Ladies, it's always a good idea to update your makeup and hair occasionally. If you've been considering updating your look, visit a salon in advance of your big date. The makeup counters at department stores can also be a great place to get expert advice and free samples of new cosmetics. Try it!


Get a good night's sleep.

Adequate sleep is essential to keep your skin looking its best. Plan on an early night the day before your date so you get your beauty rest.


Every date is an opportunity to grow and learn. If you feel attractive, your inner beauty will shine through.

With a few easy steps, you can make a good first impression and feel relaxed while you and your companion get to know each other.

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