How To Quickly Tell If You Are Ready To Enter A Serious Relationship

"I am tired of being alone. I think I'm ready for a serious girlfriend."

"I don't want to play the game anymore. It gets me nowhere."

"I want to be with somebody but other times I don't."

"I want a boyfriend and eventually a husband. I believe it's time."

Relationships can be exceedingly complex.

It can be very difficult to know when it's time to move on with your life. Relationships have to ability to make everything in life seem wonderful, however, they also have to ability to make everything seem miserable, too.

It's not always obvious when the time has come to start a different chapter in your life. It's so easy to get stuck in a state of stagnant ambivalence.

Parts of your life may be great, but other parts may not be. Maybe things are good enough to continue as is, but maybe your life is holding you back from something even more stimulating & fulfilling. What do you do?

Your answers to these eight questions will help you make the final decision.

Have you completed education and job training?

Because work and school require a great deal of time, it's wise to get them out of the way before pursuing a serious relationship. Once you have more free time, you'll be able to spend it getting to know someone special.


Is your career off and running?

Hopefully, the position you're in at work is perfectly matched to your skills. There's little job turmoil, you have some great co-workers, and you're enjoying the work you're doing.

  • Sure, there'll come a time when you'll want to move on and explore your other talents. But for now, you're right where you'd choose to be career-wise.


Are you over your last break-up?

Be sure the hurt feelings you had over the loss of a prior relationship are gone. You realize that the end of a serious, long-term relationship doesn't have to be anyone's fault, and you've recovered from the experience.


Does finding that special someone consume you?

Do your routine thoughts each day focus on having a lifelong partner?

  • You want to see a familiar face each morning and make exciting plans for the future together.
  • The yearnings inside you cannot be denied any longer.


Do you see all that you have to offer to a prospective partner?

Good sense of humor€”check. Strong communication skills€”check. Once you recognize all of your wonderful attributes, you will have the confidence to pursue a close, loving relationship.


Are you in good shape financially?

You're working extra hard to pay off your college loans and current bills. You figure that within the next year, you'll be living debt-free.

  • The financial aspect is particularly important because money struggles can add challenges to a relationship.


Do you marvel at the love you see?

Are you in awe when you look at the incredible connection between your parents, grandparents, or neighbors down the street?

  • It is very helpful to have good relationship role-models in your life. The emotional security of these relationships seems to overflow onto you when you're around those who have solid relationships.
  • If you are yearning for a relationship, admit it. Your feelings are real and palpable.


Have you done some emotional work and soul searching?

In your efforts to find the personal strength you once had, you must look within yourself.

  • Have you done your own soul-searching and journaling? Or have you seen a therapist to guide you through emotional situations?
  • If you've already identified and worked through your own personal struggles, you will certainly have the fortitude to make it through the ups and downs of a romantic relationship.


If you answered "YES" to most or all of the questions above, it's time for you to pursue a new romantic relationship.

Although it's natural to be a bit tentative and nervous when taking the plunge to find a new partner, realize that it's perfectly normal.

If you think you're ready for a serious relationship, go for it! Keep your eyes open, your ears in listen mode and spend time out-and-about doing what you enjoy.

The partner of your dreams may just bump right into you.

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