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Gift Ideas On Your First Date

A first date is often a stressful situation. Both you and your partner may be nervous about the date and one way to break the ice and alleviate the tension immediately is to bring a gift for your date. The gift does not have to be extravagant and in fact it is advisable that you keep your gift simple because something that is too expensive or ornate could embarrass your date. Whether you opt for a simple gift such as flowers or decide to present your date with something more original that relates to their personality, you are likely to make a good first impression by surprising them with a present.

If you don't know much about your date, you can't go wrong with bringing flowers along on the date. You do run the risk that they would be allergic to flowers but if you are picking them up at their home, they are able to leave the flowers behind as the two of you go on your date. Even if they dispose of the flowers due to their allergies, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift. When giving flowers on a first date, you might choose an arrangement of flowers such as daisies, carnations and other colorful flowers. A gift of roses may seem too romantic of a gift for a first date but choosing a flower arrangement of other flowers can be a lovely gift.

Candy is another classic first date gift idea. You can bring an assortment of chocolates or even a more whimsical basket filled with some of your childhood favorites. This gift idea gives you the opportunity to bring your date a gift that reflects your personality. If you choose to create a candy basket, you could include some of your favorite candies and take the opportunity to explain why you chose each of the items. This not only gives you a lovely gift idea but provides you with a conversation starter as well.

If you know that your date is someone who enjoys reading and writing you could give them a gift that relates to their interests. A journal and an elegant pen are an excellent gift idea for a date that enjoys writing. It lets you know that you were listening when the two of you spoke and that you understand that writing is important to them. A stylish version of a classic novel is also a great gift idea for a date that enjoys literature. For example a leather bound copy of a novel that your companion mentioned that they enjoy is a great gift idea. Even if they already have the book it is unlikely that they have a copy that is worthy of being displayed in their home.

A cute gift idea for a date with a partner who enjoys sports is tickets to a local sporting event. This is a great idea because it demonstrates that you understand their interests and already plants the idea in their head that you would be interested in a second date. This is an especially good idea if the person you are going on a first date with is someone that you know fairly well and that you are relatively sure that you would want to date again.

Still another idea for a gift to give on a first date is a homemade craft item. If you have a talent for woodwork, leather crafts, candle making or some other craft you might consider making a gift to give to your partner on your first date. This is an excellent idea because it gives you the opportunity to display your talents and when your date asks you where you got the item you have an instant conversation starter because you can tell them about how you made the item. Explaining the process of creating the craft can help to ease the tension by allowing you to open up while talking about something that you are passionate about.

Although you are not required to bring a gift on a first date, it is not a bad idea. Presenting your date with a gift is a good way to start the date off on a positive note and can be the key to getting the conversation started. It also gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you already know a little about your date or to give them the opportunity to learn a little about you. The key to giving first date gifts is to choose simple items that are special to you or your date.

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