Save My Relationship or Marriage


Relationships tend to be extremely fragile. A wrong word or misconstrued look can shatter a relationship that you've built and maintained for weeks, months or even years – forever ending a seemingly great partnership.

The blowup may have resulted from pent-up feelings that you and your spouse or partner ignored until it was too late. One small mistake or words chosen in anger or without thought, and you reached the boiling point – hurling you both over the edge. Now, the relationship stands on the threshold of finality.

Many great relationships have ended because of a moment of anger, misunderstanding, or hurt feelings. But if you both care deeply for each other, the relationship doesn't have to end.

You can work it out (whatever it is) and put your relationship back on track to make the bond between you stronger than ever. Working through the pain (and possible anger) that you're feeling right now isn't easy – and it takes complete commitment.

You must mentally turn back the clock and remember what first attracted you to each other and work from there, rebuilding the love and compassion that used to be. Whether the breakup just happened or divorce proceedings are underway, there is hope. You can pull your relationship from the brink of disaster no matter what caused the split if you're committed to learning the basic rules of making up. more...

Making Up 101 - Immediate Steps You Can Take
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How To Feel The Love Again
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Save My Marriage
Does My Marriage Need Help?

There are few marriages that do not need help in maintaining their relationship. A marriage without a good relationship is probably a marriage that’s not going to last. If it does last, those involved are usually not very happy and content. more...

I Feel Like I am in a Bad Marriage

Being in a bad marriage rates right up there with open heart surgery and root canal. Good marriages are hard enough to maintain because in all marriages there are ups and downs, good days and bad nights. Yet, many married couples elect to endure the bad situation for various reasons. more...

Alarming Statistics On Marriage Problems

If you get married today, there is a 50% chance it will end in divorce. Now, to be totally honest some marriage experts and pollsters say that number is dropping to around 40%. Still not good odds. And, one of the big reasons the number is dropping is that the number of marriages is on the decline. more...

Marriage Problems - Advice for Men

Maybe it’s time to reinvent your marriage and make it a union with shared happiness and responsibilities. Maybe it’s time to sit down with your wife and ask her if she’s happy and if she’d want you home more. Don’t talk to your wife but talk with her. Communication is a two way conversation with each listening to the other’s points of view. more...

Marriage Problems - Advice for Women

Marriage is full of stress and things that have to be done. Managing a home and a husband should qualify you for any job you want. You both may work and that leaves less time for each other by the time housework is done and bills are paid. It you have children, it’s even harder. more...

4 Ways To Beat The Odds & Have a Happy, Healthy Marriage

A healthy marriage can be the foundation for building a happy and stable family. A strong partnership will lead to many years of happiness - but it won't always be easy. Your marriage will take work to grow in love, honor, and respect. more...

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