Top 3 Seduction Situations: Pursuing Women

No matter how 'modern' we have become, it is still better for men to approach women instead of the other way round. Dating techniques and society may have changed but most modern women still prefer to be pursued. If you want to learn the art of seduction then you should be able to hold romantic conversations, have a good command of language, look confident and know the right way to flirt.

When you talk with a woman, you will get some idea about her personality and it is through this idea that you can find out the speed at which you should move forward with her. Always focus your attention on the woman that you are with.

Look at her body language. Is it open, or has she closed herself off from you with folded arms or crossed legs? Is her body turned toward you or away? Is she copying your posture or doing something different? You will know from her body language whether the lady in question is interested in you.

When you first meet a woman that you are attracted to, it can give rise to three situations:

1. You only have few minutes to attract and seduce her.

Let us assume that you have met this really attractive woman in a coffee shop and you want to attract her. In such a situation, you should say or act in a certain way that will draw her toward you. If you are unable to do that then she will be gone from your life forever. The most important thing to do in this situation is to develop a bond with her and make yourself trustworthy so that she can trust you. Women will never go for men whom they don't trust so it is necessary to make yourself trustworthy. Do this quickly by creating a connection between you – see the section on similarity in a previous article. Since you don't have much time here, you need to undertake rapid actions such as asking her out for a date at that moment or asking her for her email address or phone number.

2. You have a few hours to attract and seduce her.

This might be at a dinner party or a one-day event, or when you meet a woman on a plane. This situation is better than situation one because here you at least have a few hours which you can use to draw her toward you. Still, you need to win her over rapidly. See the stages of seduction in my next article and move through them as quickly as you can. Make real good use of your time. Talk to her and attract her toward you by using your body language and conversation skill.

3. You have a few days or weeks to attract and seduce her.

If you are in this situation then you can take your time to woo her and then seduce her. Women you work with or neighbors will fall into this category but a lot of guys prefer not to seduce those women because of the complications that can mess up that area of your life afterward. So a better example of this situation is a woman who works in a local store, or someone you meet on vacation or at a 3-day conference. You will meet her on several different occasions and you can move through the different stages over a longer period of time.

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