How To Attract & Seduce Women

Our mind plays a very important role in the seduction process. Now let us see how it works.

First, tell yourself that you have the power and confidence to get any girl. Say this to yourself every time you look in a mirror, at least three times a day. Tell yourself that you are a very confident person with massive sex appeal. Say it out loud and smile while you say it.

Don't skip this step. These kind of positive affirmations are something many people skip because they feel stupid, but that stupid feeling is exactly what you need to get rid of.

Affirmations work. You will be a chick magnet as soon as women believe that you already are a chick magnet. Women will believe that you already are a chick magnet as soon as you believe it yourself. It's that simple. Once you believe this 100%, you will find that women will not be able to take their hands off you.

There is a particular unconscious region in our brain that functions 24/7 forming our beliefs about ourselves from the thoughts that we have. You may be surprised to know that our beliefs about ourselves do not depend on what happens to us – they depend on the thoughts we have about what happens to us, our own reaction to the events of our lives. You do not need to change any of the circumstances of your life to change yourself into this happy, laid back guy. You just need to think positively (look for the positive in the circumstances and events of your life) and take charge of your life by never blaming other people for things that happen to you.

This doesn't mean you start blaming yourself either – but just accept what happens, if is something you cannot change.

For example imagine your cell phone is stolen on the street. You can take action (chase after the guy, or call the police) but let's say your action does not succeed and you lose the phone. You might get real angry and curse the ****** who stole your phone with everyone you know. You might curse the friend who 'made you' walk up that street. Both of these are ways of blaming others for what has happened to you. Or, you might curse yourself for having your phone in your hand on the street or being the type of guy that these things always happen to – these are ways of blaming yourself.

The confident guy will say, "I don't have my phone – that's a bummer. Oh well, I guess now I have to get that new model that I wanted." Or, "Maybe this is life's way of telling me I need to cut back on pizzas, because that's what I'm going to have to do in order to afford a new phone."

The guy who thinks this way is the type of guy that women adore. So, all you have to do to become the type of guy that women adore, is change your mind.

Confidence plays a huge role in the seduction process. A man is confident if he is successful and happy in life. When men have these two important aspects of life, they do not feel the need of women. Such men do not care about rejection because they know that when one door closes, another opens. It is because of their happiness and success that they are able to handle rejection well. In very simple words, we can say that a man is considered as a chick magnet if he is both successful and happy in life.

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