Attracting Women: 3 Female Personality Types

There is another principle of psychology that you should know about and can use to your advantage. This is the classification of personalities. You can learn what to talk about and how to behave with women who have different personality types.

Personality can be categorized into three types:

1. Kinesthetic – focusing on touch.

These women are likely to use a lot of touch-related words in their speech. This includes the word 'feel'. So somebody who says 'it feels like' a lot could be a kinesthetic personality.

These women will react well to being touched in a friendly way, sooner than others. You can give her a squeeze or touch her arm – she will enjoy that and may respond by returning your touch.

2. Visual – focusing on sight.

These people will say things like 'it looks like' and 'I see what you mean'.

You will do well with these women by focusing on the visual. Admire their clothing and jewelry, or point out things you like about the appearance and décor of the place that you are in. She will feel that you are a like mind if you do this.

3. Auditory – focusing on sound and hearing.

These people will say 'I hear you' and 'did you hear about …'.

To start a conversation with these women, ask what type of music they like, or say they have a beautiful voice or a lovely laugh. You can also do well with them if you are able to pick up on nuances of tone of voice – which you will do naturally if you are an auditory personality yourself.

You will have a huge advantage over other guys if you can pick up on these personality types and respond in the right way to them. For example, if you ask a visual type woman what music she likes, you will probably leave her cold. But ask her about film and you could have a great conversation that leads to the bedroom.

In order to pick up what personality type a woman is within a few minutes or seconds of meeting her, you will need some practice. Start by noticing the forms of speech that your friends use, and classifying them.

Then consider yourself. You will naturally get on fine with women who are the same personality type as you, so it is important to know what that is. Record a casual conversation that you are having and analyze it, or consider other factors – do you enjoy stroking a cat, you do love art, do you love music. Do not decide too quickly because you probably have preconceived ideas about what you would like to be, that may not be true. Observe yourself as you have been observing your friends.

You will probably find that you are the same type as many of your friends, so the next step will be to get practiced at making friendly conversation with people of other types. You need to learn to converse with them as if you were their type, so that they are more attracted to you. You will probably find these people in your place of work and in other situations where people are more randomly grouped.

It will not come naturally to you to say 'I feel …' or 'I see what you mean' or 'I hear you' if those words do not fit your personality type. You will be uncomfortable at first, so it is very important practice with casual acquaintances before you start using this technique on attractive women. After a while you may find that you are suddenly making friends with unexpected people, you are more popular at work than you ever dreamed possible, and the woman in the grocery store is crazy about you – then you know it's working, and you can get out there and start using the technique for real.

When you talk with a girl in the way she prefers then you will find her opening up to you. It won't be long before she becomes physically attracted to you. The reason for the rapid attraction lies in the fact that the woman you are with starts to picture you as her soul mate subconsciously. When she begins to see you as her soul mate, you will no longer be a stranger to her. She feels that she has known you all her life and that you can understand her totally.

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