Attracting Women: 4 Ways To Use Psychology

Attraction is simply a positive feeling that one person has for another. It can be in the form of admiration, love, friendship or lust. The factors that influence one person to be attracted to another are similarity, physical attractiveness, proximity and reciprocity.


This means having things in common. You can boost this by picking up on things she says and forming connections. For example, if she says she likes a certain film and you like it too, say so, because that's a similarity that will increase your attractiveness.

Don't make the mistake of telling lies here because she will subconsciously pick them up and they will have the opposite effect. If you didn't like the film, choose something else to form your similarity. Maybe you like one of the actors who was in it. With practice you can become very skilled at picking out and focusing on these similarities.

Physical attractiveness

Although you cannot control what type of guy a particular woman finds attractive, you can make the most of yourself. Be clean, spend some time and money on your haircut, wear the kind of clothes that girls find attractive.

Being in good health is attractive but don't worry too much if you are a little overweight, if you are short, stuff like that. Some girls like these things, and many others will not care if you make the most of what you have.


Within reason, a girl will be attracted to someone who is close by, or someone that she sees often. If you see the same girl on your way to work each day and you notice her looking at you, you have a great chance with her. In a club, moving around the room will help you get closer to more girls than if you stay in one place. When she has had a chance to notice you, get talking to her.


This simply means that we tend to like the people who like us. This is also true of attraction. Don't be afraid to show that you are attracted to a girl, because it will increase her interest in you. Do not overdo it though. You need to be somewhat of a challenge to her.

Of course, don't pursue someone who has shown that she is definitely not interested. To have a chance with her, accept her 'no' right away, stop focusing on her and go talk to someone else, but try again another day.

These are the basics of the psychological factor in attraction.

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