How Do I Become A Chick Magnet?

Have you spent a whole lot of time in your life trying to think of a way to attract women to you? If you have learned anything about women from your endeavors you probably feel like a psychologist in trying to understand them. There is a branch of study that is dedicated to discovering or finding out the type of men that most women opt for. In general the people who undertake these studies do not take into account the materialistic factors, such as money, that may attract women to men. The study is about psychology and how it affects seduction.

In recent research from Japan and Britain, it was found that the factors which influence seduction are not just how a guy smells or looks. The study reported that women are aware of the fact that good-looking guys may not be a good choice for a long-term relationship, which is what most women are looking for, deep down. They consider that handsome men are unreliable, more likely to be unfaithful and only good for short-term relationships.

In addition, this study reported that given a free choice, the type of man a woman opts for depends on her point in the menstrual cycle. It found that during the period of ovulation, women preferred fit, macho type men (who are likely to make strong, healthy babies) and for the rest of the days, they opted for less macho men who might be thought to make better long term partners. So, if you're not a macho type of guy, you have a great chance of getting any girl, 75% of the time.

However, it is also thought that a woman's cycle makes her more attractive to men at the time of ovulation. So there is a danger that if you always go for the girls who attract you the most at a subconscious level, you will pick out the girls who are ovulating and are not going to pick you tonight. Instead, you need to be aware of who is looking at you a lot, and choose those girls right now.

You can boost your 'score' immensely by always picking girls who are attracted to you. You just have to take a few simple steps to increase their numbers and, most importantly, have the confidence to believe that in any room, there will be some women who are attracted to you – no matter what you look like. Once you have that confidence and belief, it is just a matter of finding them.

Besides, if you want to attract and make women fall for you then you should ooze confidence and appear to be cool – not in the sense of following fashion, but emotionally. Be happy, content to be who you are and where you are right now, be friendly to both men and women, and do not react with anger or sulks to setbacks but accept life as it comes.

Think about the guys you know. Do you know some guys who are like that, always happy, laid back and optimistic? Do they have trouble getting girls? I bet they don't.

So if you are out with a woman or just cruising in a nightclub or at a party, do not show your temper. This will destroy the 'top guy' image that you have created for yourself.

For this reason it is important not to drink too much when you are 'hunting'. Sure you can have a drink or two, but don't get drunk. Keep that for the times when you're watching the game with the boys. A lot of guys mix up the two and have nights out with the guys where they drink a lot, go to a club and try to pick up girls. That's a big mistake. Keep your drinking nights separate from your picking up nights.

Attracting and seducing women is not a difficult job at all if you know what you are doing. Everything depends on how you think and what you think. You need to set your unconscious mind so that it follows whatever instructions you give it. When you tell your unconscious mind that you are the type of guy that women go crazy over then you will find that you are filled with confidence and sex appeal. When you do this, you will subconsciously believe that you are a chick magnet and there is nothing that can stop women from being attracted to you.

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