Learn How To Attract Women

Knowing how to attract women is one of the most important pieces of wisdom that a man can have. It is tricky because different women look for different things in a man, and you cannot be sure of getting the woman that you want. Even men who are most successful with women may not always attract one particular woman. But they attract enough others that they can just shrug off anyone who is not interested, and look for the next.

If you go right up to a woman and ask her for a date with no introduction, it is likely that she will say no, and may even think you pushy and be scared. Although women are attracted to men by looks, scent, etc they need time to feel comfortable with a man before they will accept a date. There are some scary men in the world and most women will not take chances on someone they do not feel they know.

The good news is that you can get them to feel they know you with just a couple of minutes of conversation. During this time you need to be confident without being pushy. Be clear in your mind about who you are, and that you are not desperate for a date.

It is important to listen to what the woman wants to say, and to make her feel special. You can do this easily with a compliment that is particular to her. Before you approach her, take a moment to notice something special about her that you can compliment her on. Your compliment must be honest - something that you really like about her.

Your compliment should never be related to anything that women tend to be sensitive about, for example body size, weight or shape. Of course it should not be sexually related either, because that would make her feel uncomfortable at this stage.

For most women it is fine to compliment her on her eyes or her smile. If she is very pretty, she probably gets a lot of compliments like this and you need to be more original. Try complimenting her hands or her voice.

After that you can use what psychologists call 'the constraint of choice' to make sure that her only option is you. When a person is given only one option, they are more likely to take it. So for example, if you ask for her phone number, she has the choice of either giving it to you, or not. That's two options and one of them is not your desired outcome.

Instead, give her the choice of either giving you her phone number or arranging a date now. Now she feels she has a choice, but she really only has one option - you. She is much more likely to give you her number this way.

As you become more used to doing this you will succeed with more women and that in itself will boost your confidence and get you more dates. That's partly why older men tend to be more successful with women. Learning how to attract women is a skill that needs to be practiced.

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