Learn Online Dating Success - For Men

The secret to hot internet dating success for men is understanding what women are looking for and also what women are afraid of when they think about online dating.

Most any single person, male or female, loves internet dating sites because they allow a person to go window shopping for a partner and see all that is available before they commit. A lot of people who join, especially as free members, just look at the pictures! In fact, there is often no point writing to a free member, because in most cases they cannot even read your message, and they are probably not seriously looking. Something you will want to concentrate on when you are dating online is not wasting time on women who are not looking for a real-life meeting.

This is also a problem with sites that do not have a paid membership at all but rely on third party advertising to make money. While some people may be genuine, a lot of the members will have joined just because it's free. They may not be seriously looking for anyone to date and you could waste a lot of time on them. A paid site is usually worth the small monthly investment for this reason alone.

When you have exchanged a couple of messages, you will quickly want to move on to arrange a date with the women that you like. Often, however, you will find the woman does not want to move so fast. There can be many reasons for this and it does not necessarily mean she is not serious. She may have told more than she intended and may be nervous of meeting someone who already knows a lot about her. More likely, she is afraid because she is constantly hearing about the scary things that can happen to girls who meet men they have gotten to know online.

A lot of women like the anonymity of exchanging messages on a dating site and the opportunity it gives them of getting to know a guy without revealing their name, address etc. Seems like the more you try to get them to give you their phone number, the more they pull away.

It is easy to become impatient but it is very important at this stage not to push too hard. Try giving her your number instead of asking for hers. If you can give her your home number, not just your cellphone, this is great because it will show her that you are not married or living with another lady.

You may still have to talk a couple of times on the phone before she will agree to a date. Keep in mind all the advice that dating sites give, and arrange the first meeting in a public place. Make it somewhere that you will have a chance to talk a little, like a restaurant or bar. She may prefer to meet in a place that she knows, so give her the option of suggesting the location. The place she picks out can tell you a lot about her, too.

Before the date, read her messages over again and be sure to remember any little things that she told you about herself. If you are in contact with a lot of women on the dating site, it's very important not to get them mixed! You may even want to take notes of phone conversations. Remembering little details is a great way to make the woman feel special on the date.

Make her feel safe, then make her feel special - these are the keys to hot internet dating success!

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