Safe Online Dating Tips - For Men

Most people assume that all of the information on safe online dating is aimed at the women. However, men also need to be safety conscious when giving out information online. Keep in mind that anybody can pretend to be anybody online, and you do not know that your correspondent is who she says she is, or even that she is female at all.

Most everybody these days knows not to give out personal information on the internet in case of ID theft. We have all seen phishing scam emails that try to get our login details or financial information. However, it is easy to forget our caution when dealing with what seems to be a gorgeous woman on a dating site.

If you meet someone online who very quickly asks for personal details such as last name and address or your place of employment, or offers them in exchange for yours, be wary. You cannot be sure why she wants this information but she surely does not yet need it. It is possible that she just wants to check you out, but until you have at least talked to her on the phone you don't have to give any personal details.

Watch out for women who focus on anything related to money. Sure, women tend to have less money than men, and if she is upfront about not having much and is fine with it, then it's not a problem. But if you suspect that she is hinting that she needs a loan or a gift of money, or if she wants anything that requires your bank account details, do not give them and do not contact her again.

The most common financial scam involves a situation where you are asked to receive money or pay a cashier's check into your bank account in exchange for goods or a payment of less than the amount you have been paid. It seems like you cannot lose, until the cashier's check is returned by your bank, the person disappears and you have given goods or paid out money for nothing.

If a woman gives you her phone number but you always get the answering machine, you may wonder why, especially if she calls you back from a different number. Is that really her number? Maybe she doesn't like answering the phone to strangers, but once she knows you and recognizes your number, it is reasonable to expect her to pick up now and again.

Be very cautious if you never get to talk to her on the phone at all. If all you ever receive is emails and text messages in response to your phone calls, keep in mind that 'she' may not be able to talk to you because 'she' is not really a woman. This may not be a financial scam but perhaps a gay man wasting your time while he acts out a fantasy. Move on to a real woman who wants to speak to you.

The great thing about internet dating is that there are so many genuine people out there, looking for love. All you need to do is be aware of a few simple rules of safe online dating.

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