The 5 Stages of Seducing Women

Now that you know the different situations of seduction, you should be aware of the different stages of creating a bond with her.

Stage 1

Overcome the awkwardness by indulging in light and informal conversation so that the two of you can understand each other. Create a connection.

Stage 2

Make yourself trustworthy and make her feel she knows you pretty well. This is not about factual knowledge, but giving her a sense that she is seeing the real you and can trust you to act in certain ways.

Stage 3

Have her develop sensual or romantic feelings for you. Flirt.

Stage 4

Introduce physical touch in the relationship – not just friendly touching which you may have done already if she is a touch-centered person, but the kind of touching that you would only do with a woman you wanted to seduce: holding hands, kissing, arms around her, close dancing.

Stage 5

Move to intimate touch, foreplay and sex. This usually requires moving to another location and you should be prepared to go through all of the earlier stages over again in the new location, right from stage one, if necessary – though it should be much quicker this time around.

You should always know what stage you are at with any individual woman. As soon as one stage is successfully completed, it is time to move on to the next. You must become skilled at knowing the right time to switch to the next stage. If you move too fast, she will be scared and reject you. If you hesitate, she will think you are not very attracted to her.

With practice you will learn the skill of picking the right moment for the next move. You must, however, keep the different stages in mind even in your first attempts, so that you can learn from any mistakes.

A word about close dancing. In some situations, like a night club or party, it is possible to do this too soon. You can often start to dance next to a girl, make eye contact, and then ask her for a close dance before she really feels she knows you at all. This is unwise. Unless you are very lucky, she will probably feel a little uncomfortable about having reached this stage too fast and you will have to work much harder at building trust later. You may end up in the real bad situation of spending all evening on one girl, thinking you are doing great, and then have her turn you down at the end of the night because you didn't build enough trust earlier. So rather than ask her for a close dance at that early stage, talk to her on the dance floor or if the music is too loud for that, ask if you can buy her a drink. Even if she says no it's better to have her turn you down now when you can move on to someone else, than have her dance with you now but disappear when the club closes.

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