8 Ridiculous Seduction Myths

Why can some men seduce women so easily, and others seem to have no success at all? The truth is that the men who have no success believe one or other of the prevalent myths about seduction which are completely untrue. Actually, seduction is not at all difficult if you have proper knowledge of the subject.

In this article we are going to look at some of the myths and negative beliefs that you must get over if you want to have success with women.

1. 'I was rejected by X, so I am a failure with women.'

This is crazy, and yet a lot of men have this belief. Some girl they liked was not attracted to them, so they just gave up.

All men are rejected by some women. In fact, the guys who have a lot of success with women also probably have a ton more rejections than you, if they bothered counting them – but they don't, because they are too busy looking for the next success. Whatever happened, get over it! Always remember that each and every man has been turned down in his life at least once, unless he never had the courage to try at all. Why should you allow one measly rejection to have a negative impact on your whole life?

2. "I won't be able to seduce anyone."

If you think that you don't have it in you to seduce a woman then you couldn't be more wrong. Each and every one of us has been born with innate seduction techniques. You may not have discovered them as yet but this does not mean that you cannot seduce a woman. How will you know that seduction is not for you if you do not try it? Have more confidence in yourself. Next time you are in a situation where you are meeting women, remind yourself that there is at least one woman in the room who is attracted to you. She will not approach you but she is watching you and if you look at her, she will make eye contact and then quickly look away before she looks at you again. All you have to do is find that woman, form a connection, and you are on your way.

3. "Women think that I am a jerk."

If this is because you get drunk, play the fool, look like a slob or act aggressive when you are nervous, then all of those are things you can change. Women don't think that a guy is a jerk just because he is attracted to her. They like it. But you need to build on that. Read my article on the 'mystery' method of seduction and concentrate on building your value. Also, ask yourself whether you may be going for the wrong type of woman, or approaching them in the wrong way. Do you go for girls who look 'easy', when you are really more interested in another type of girl? Try approaching the quieter ones for a change. You may be surprised how differently they react.

4. 'She could get any guy – she won't choose me.'

Like most of the other myths, this shows lack of confidence in yourself. Look around you at the couples you see. Aren't some of them surprising, even downright confusing (like what the hell could she possibly see in that guy)? Don't you see lovely women with guys who seem nothing special at all? The reason for that is that those guys are special to those women. Be special, which you already are if you can believe in yourself, and there is no reason why she would not go for you.

5. 'If I sing her praises, I will be able to seduce her.'

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The right compliment at the right time can be the thing that makes her fall into your arms, but women are not obsessed with compliments. Use them sparingly. Believe it or not there are a few women who feel insulted when you praise their body, dress or physical appearance. They want you to be interested in them as people, and they believe that men simply flatter them as an easy way to get into their pants. So the next time you are with a woman that you want to seduce, try not to sing too many praises for you may push her away from you.

6. 'It is important for me to be extremely creative and funny.'

This is not so important that you should try to fake it. Although we talked about originality and humor, these are things that come naturally when you are more confident. If you are trying to be something you are not, a woman will be able to tell. She is extremely good at reading body language. Just relax. If you are not comfortable with cracking jokes then you don't have to do that. Instead you can do or talk about something that you are good at.

7. 'When I have finished reading these articles, I will be an excellent seducer. If not, I need to keep looking for a method that works.'

Again, it's not that simple! Sure, reading about the methods of seduction will help you, but you will need to actually practice the methods, and keep reading these articles to remind yourself of the ideas. Practice is the most important part of this. You cannot be an expert in seduction in one or two days. It may take a few weeks or months for you to master it, but you will have successes along the way.

In six months from now, or a year, or ten years, do you want to be confident of getting a woman whenever you want, or do you want to be still sitting at home searching the internet for the 'magic' method that will work for you instantly?

If you are turned off by the idea of putting these methods into practice, you are probably afraid of making mistakes. Try to look at things differently. There are no mistakes – there are only learning opportunities. A few rejections now are the best thing that can happen to you. You will learn more from your rejections than from your successes, so you should be grateful for those women who turn you down – but hide your surprise when one accepts you!

8. 'Women love money, and I don't have any, so I have no chance with them.'

This may hold true for a few women but not all women are after you for your money. True gold-diggers are rare. Being a good provider is not only about money. Women want someone who will look out for them and take care of them, and you can do that in other ways than financially.

Be confident, be interested in her and attentive to her needs, and you will soon find women who appreciate that so much that they don't care whether you have a good job, or any job at all.

These are some of the most common myths that prevent most guys from having the success with women that they wish for. If one of these is holding you back, take some time to find a positive affirmation that will help you get past it. Remember that a lot of these beliefs are deeply ingrained in us and it takes more than just reading about them to overcome them permanently.

If you don't think that any of these is holding you back but something else is, then try watching your reactions when you are among women and see if you can identify what it is.

Then take whatever negative belief you may have, and imagine what you will say if your best friend said that to you. How will you help him see that it was not true? Make sure that what you come up with is positive: i.e. not 'I'm not a jerk' (that's a negative), but 'I'm a confident guy that knows how to please a woman.'

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