Will You Be A Successful Seducer?

Seduction is something that women as well as men undertake from time to time to get their partners to have sex with them. However, it is the men who have to seduce the women most of the time. Don't assume that because a woman dresses in a sexy way, she is trying to seduce you. She will still expect you to seduce her. This way she can still feel good about herself and doesn't have to feel she is a slut. A successful seducer always leaves the woman with the impression that she made the right decision when she went to bed with him.

An awesome touch is to send her flowers, or even better, a small gift related to something you found out she likes. Do it the next day, with a card that says 'Thank you for a wonderful evening'. It sounds so corny but she will adore it, and most guys don't bother. Sure you probably don't want to see her again but it is only polite to say thank you. It makes it way easier for her to accept that you never call her again, and makes sure that in spite of this, she only has good things to say about you to her friends. Remember, even in a big city, word gets around. If you seduce a lot of women then over the years, having them all feeling good about it afterward is going to pay you back big time.

If you fall in love with a previous conquest's best friend five years from now, do you want to have her say, 'Oh, so you were the guy who sent Jeannie flowers,' or 'Oh, so you're the guy that Jeannie said was a real rat'?

Confidence and brains are the two things that women look out for in men. If you are smart as well as confident then you have a high chance of successfully taking her home. The way you act and talk is also very important. Make her feel that you are a gentleman by doing everything that a gentleman would do. However, don't be too nice otherwise you may end up being just good friends. Act cool and don't agree to all her requests. Ignore some of her questions, to pique her interest.

Seduction is an art that requires you to be very attentive to circumstances including monitoring many things at the same time. This may seem impossible at first and that's why many guys don't have the success that they could have. But really, it's just like driving. At first it seems that you will never master all of the things that need to be done at the same time. Don't give up. With practice, after a time it is second nature.

Now that you have read my article series on seduction, you have a choice. You can go on as you are, fantasizing and wishing, or you can act and make your dreams come true. It's very simple. You just do what you did when you learned to drive – start putting the techniques into action, learn from any setbacks, celebrate your successes and move toward the day when the right moves for any situation will come naturally to you and seducing a woman will be something you can do as easily as driving in traffic.

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