Why Is A Sense Of Humor Important?

It has been found that women regard sense of humor as the most attractive feature in men. Everyone wants to hang out with someone who has an excellent sense of humor. There isn't a single woman who does not look for sense of humor in men. It has also been found that if you are able to make women laugh then you can make them do almost anything.

So if you are attracted to a woman and would like to seduce her then do what you can to develop a great sense of humor. Make her laugh so that she can have a great time with you. If you seem happy and relaxed this will be much easier. If you look too serious then she will not be comfortable with you. In order to make her feel comfortable, show her that you are confident and engage in light and funny conversations.

When you meet a lady for the first time, there will always be some reservation between the two of you because you do not know each other well. In order to break the ice, a sense of humor is essential. You will find that those guys who can make people laugh easily are able to attract more women. The reason is simply that people feel happy when they are laughing. If a woman has to choose between a guy who can make her laugh and a guy who is serious all the time, whom do you think she will choose? Of course, the guy who can make her laugh!

Just keep in mind the following points when you consider how to be an amusing guy. First, do not be funny in a way that puts you down. Remember you are a confident guy, and confident guys do not put themselves down. A little self deprecating humor is good when timed correctly. It takes the edge off any perceived cockiness and shows you can laugh at yourself too.

Your jokes and humor should make her laugh at life and feel happy. Don't make fun of her by teasing her about her looks or anything else.

Women like men who are clever and understand the world. Guys who can be funny without putting people down usually come across this way. I am not trying to say that you have to be a comedian to show your intelligence. Just show her your sense of humor so that it will provide a positive view of your character to her.

What do you think a woman is looking for ultimately? She is looking for a guy who has the ability to put a smile on her face – someone who can help her to enjoy her life.

You can do this by being funny, and you can do it by having a positive view on the world that helps you spread happiness to those around you. If she tells you about problems that she has, listen sympathetically but do not get involved in discussions of who is to blame for her problems or encourage her to feel angry or depressed. You have a better chance with her if you can help her to forget about the pressure that she may have in life.

Developing a good sense of humor requires time and practice. Moreover, you cannot be funny at all times. There are times when you will have to be serious in front of her. Always remember that if you try to act funny where sense of humor is unwanted then you might as well bid goodbye to the woman forever. It is best not to joke in the bedroom, it breaks the intensity of the mood. Humor is mainly for the first three stages of the seduction process.

Everybody's sense of humor is different and what one woman finds funny may not be funny to other women. So again, you will have a big advantage if you can notice the kinds of things that she finds funny and take your conversation in that direction.

Most people think that they have an excellent sense of humor but it doesn't mean that everyone can tell a joke. If you are not a great joke-teller you can still be funny in other ways. Notice when you make your friends laugh, what you said or did to cause that. You were probably very relaxed at the time. There are a few people who can be funny when they are nervous but most of us will be more amusing when we are relaxed. That's another reason to work on feeling confident.

There is no doubt that your seduction technique can improve enormously if you have an excellent sense of humor. Women seem to find funny guys irresistible.

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