A Playful, Sensual Seduction Technique

When you want to move a date from close and friendly conversation to the next step of getting physical, a sensual seduction technique can be a great advantage. The best kind of technique for this purpose is something that is not overtly sexual but involves touch. It should be something that you can do with complete confidence, that is both fun and potentially sexy.

A great example is palmistry or reading her palm. This can be like a game but at the same time it will entice most women into letting you get physical very quickly, at least as far as holding her hand. From there it is up to you and how you read the palm (what you choose to read into it) that will get you to the next move.

Most women are fascinated by anything relating to fortune telling and the supernatural, even if they don't like to admit it. The best way to get them to let you read their palm is to start by pretending it's a joke. You can say things like, 'I see a very handsome stranger beside you ...' Then, depending on your personality, you can get a little more serious about the reading (or not). If you are naturally funny - make it a comical reading & keep her laughing. If you are a good storyteller - make one up and let her join in on it's creation. You get the idea. Just keep it fun and create an initial bond with her.

You will need to do some quick research on the internet to learn which line is which and what they mean, but the basics of palmistry can be learned quite easily. Once you have the main idea of it, it gives you a great opportunity to hold her hand for a long time and stroke her palm in a very sensual way with your finger while you talk. If she likes you at all, this will make her very receptive and turn her on.

The lines on the palm include the heart or love line, which of course you will want to focus on. You will find it easy to learn because you do not need to know so much about the other lines. The heart line is the main one that you need to be able to talk about at length.

There is also a long triangle with its base in the center of the wrist and its point somewhere around the middle of the palm, that relates to a soul mate. The soul mate in Eastern philosophy is someone that you will instantly get along with because you have connections from a past life. The idea is that if two people are soul mates, the little finger of one person will fit into that triangle on the other person's hand. It could be fun to see if your date's little finger will fit into that triangle on your palm.

Some girls do get interested in this kind of thing enough to know a little about it so you may want to practice before you first try it on a date. Female family members are good subjects for practicing your palmist's art.

A golden rule of fortune telling is never to say anything negative. Always look for the positive in a situation.

Most girls want to hear about marriage, children and all that kind of thing. Most guys are very reluctant even to mention words like that on a date, so if you can do it, even if it's only in relation to her palm reading, you will have a huge advantage already. Add to that the fact that you are sensually stroking the most sensitive parts of her hand, and you have a surefire seduction technique that you can use on any date.

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