What On Earth Are Women Thinking?

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside the minds of women? Clearly, we can never know for sure how somebody else thinks, and that seems even more true with people of the opposite sex. However, there are certain ways in which most all women think and in this article we are going to learn about them.

When a woman sees an extremely attractive man, or a man that she finds extremely attractive (and you might be surprised who they are) her first thought would be 'He is so hot'. That's right. Believe it. If you thought that only men could think that way then you don't know a lot. However, seeing a hot and attractive guy does not mean that the woman will approach him. What she will do is look at him a lot, and watch him – his body language, his style, what he is doing and who he is with. If she is really interested in the guy then you will find that she cannot keep her eyes off him. If the guy in question is also interested then he will do the approaching. So the next time you find a woman staring at you, approach her because she will not approach you first.

Never encourage a woman to think that you are a 'nice guy' if you are attracted to her. Many guys do this because it makes the initial stages of the process easier – she is happy to talk with you, for example, and it is easy to build up trust. But you will probably find she just laughs at you when you try to move on to flirting and touching. She is willing to be your friend but nothing more than a friend. She will probably even go out with you in a group, but not one on one, because she is hoping you will introduce her to other, 'hotter' guys.

However, this does not mean that you have to be a bad guy, be aggressive or nasty to her, or treat her badly. Just be clear in your mind that you can have as many women as you want, and she will pick that up, and she will sit up and take notice.

The mind of a woman is such that they are attracted to guys whom they find mysterious. Women like to unfold mysteries and they simply cannot resist the challenge to know more about mysterious men. So don't answer all of her questions, and don't give her too much information. You don't want to satisfy her – at least, not by talking. When it comes to information about yourself, always leave her wanting more.

If a woman fancies you then you will know it. Like I mentioned earlier, she is attracted to you if she cannot take her eyes off you. So if you just met a woman and you find her eyes wandering away when you are talking, then that is a bad sign. It probably means that she is not interested and is looking around for someone she likes more. Make yourself more interesting by talking to another girl instead. You may end up having the choice between the two of them.

Women are very keen creatures who simply love to notice a lot of things. They are very interested in other people and in all kinds of relationships. If you are on a date in a restaurant with her and she is looking around the room, don't worry. In that situation she is probably just wanting to see what kind of place she is in and who else is there, so that she can tell her friends tomorrow. Stop talking and let her look. As soon as you are quiet, she will want to know why, and that will get her interested in you again.

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