Seduction: What Is It?

Seduction is an art where a man knowingly lures or attracts a woman. Sure there can be other combinations or it could be the other way around, but this article was written for straight guys. Seduction is the procedure through which you can tempt or charm a lady to make her fall for you. Seduction is very often referred to as the application of sexual desire with the main objective to charm or attract a lady to do what the seducer wants her to do. As I am sure you know, it is not necessary for men to be in love with the women in order to seduce them. Sexual attractiveness is the main factor which influences a man to seduce a woman.

A person can make use of different types of techniques to seduce the women that they are attracted to. Of course, the techniques used will be dependent on the traits of the woman and the situation that you are in. There are quite a number of social behavior theorists who are of the opinion that seduction is a unique type of persuasion. Some even describe seduction as a power that depends on psychological mastery instead of intellectual appeals, money or fame.

If you want to sleep with someone, then you need to produce a situation where the woman that you are attracted to will be attracted in return – attracted so strongly that she will act on her feelings right now, tonight. What should you do to produce this situation? You need to seduce the woman so that she will not be able to help herself but fall in lust with you. The main thing you need to remember about seduction is that you have to enhance your sexual attractiveness. If a woman does not find you sexually attractive then there is no way she is going to sleep with you. But that does not mean you have to be great looking. Unlike most men, women are not attracted so much by looks as by other factors.

You should know that the ladies are quite picky about the men that they sleep with. Other things being equal, it is usually harder for a man to seduce a woman than it is for a woman to seduce a man. As a result, men need more tips and advice on seduction as compared to women. In general, women are different than men, they think differently and they have different values. Most men do not know the right way to hold a conversation with women. Even if they do, they may not know what they should and should not talk about with a woman that they want to seduce.

The seduction techniques for different women are different. One technique may work for a particular woman but it may not work for another woman. To know which techniques to use, you should first find out about the personality of the lady and her way of thinking. To make her attracted to you, you need to make yourself attractive to her first.

In the following articles, you are going to learn about the ways and techniques that you can use to seduce women. In addition, you will also find out what you should and should not do when you are right there with the lady.

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