Why Are Women Afraid Of Men?

One of the biggest issues that a guy has to deal with when trying to date or seduce women is getting around the fact that most women are afraid of men. It is not the kind of fear that will cause her to run screaming from the room, but it is no less of a hindrance for that. It is a lack of trust or general wariness that will make her hesitate when you ask for her number, or pay her a compliment. It leads her to read all kinds of things into the simplest statement.

Of course this is partly because of the small number of men who could be rapists or killers, but women know that this is only a tiny minority of men and they will not suspect most men they meet of this. The worst thing you can do is say, 'I'm not a rapist', as this will immediately bring the possibility into her mind and make it harder for her to argue with the parental voice in her head that is telling her not to trust men.

Most times however the difficulty is getting past her belief that most men will take advantage of girls, abandon them after sex and hurt them emotionally. A lot of mothers tell their daughters that all men are like this at heart. With the number of divorces that are around, society often confirms this belief for the growing girl.

So while they do want to be seduced, most women are wary of a seducer who doesn't want a relationship. This can be a problem if your aim is to seduce and move quickly on to the next, especially if you are known for that.

What you must appeal to in this situation is a woman's love of a challenge. Even if she knows you are the worst kind of seducer in town, it is always possible that she is the one woman in the world who will be able to tame you.

Many women can see a habitual seducer as a real challenge, and you can use this to your advantage. Consider how many women are attracted to gay men and try to seduce them in the hope that they will 'turn straight'. It's the same kind of challenge: she wants to prove that she is so special, she can change a man's very nature.

Another advantage that you have is that most men do not understand why women should be afraid of them and so they have no strategy against it. If they become aware that a woman does not trust them, they will either make the mistake of trying to tackle it head on by saying something like 'I'm not a rapist', or they will think there is something wrong with the woman and try to make her feel bad about herself. This is another big mistake that will make the situation much worse.

The better you understand women, the better you will be able to work around their defences. The best way to deal with a woman's wariness of men is to make her want to seduce you. Become a challenge for her. Then she will believe that it is you who should be afraid, and all her wariness will vanish.

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