How To Win Over a Woman's Trust

When you are hoping to attract and seduce a woman, you will need to know how to win her trust. Women are taught to be cautious of men throughout their lives. Children are told by their parents and teachers to be careful of strange men and for girls this continues after they are grown up.

So when you want to attract a woman, you need to earn her trust. This means treating her in a way that shows you will not hurt her. This is not just a question of hurting her physically, although this is certainly a factor. However, she also wants to know that you will not hurt her and treat her badly emotionally.

A man who is impatient and tries to bully women or coerce them into agreeing to a date is not likely to be successful with women. There may be a few who will accept this kind of treatment but most will run away. If you push a woman too hard for her phone number, for example, she will become afraid and will give you a false one.

A great way to win a woman's trust is to establish a connection. In fact, this works for all relationships and you are probably aware of it. For example, if you are stuck in an elevator or involved in a dangerous or awkward situation with other people, you will quickly trust the people who are in that situation with you. A connection is created and a level of trust which would normally have taken months to build up, is right there immediately.

Of course you cannot arrange to get stuck in an elevator with every attractive woman that you meet - or if you do, you will find that word gets around town and people quickly become unwilling to enter elevators with you! But a great technique when you first meet a woman and want to quickly win her trust, is to create some kind of connection like this. Pick out something that unites the two of you and sets you apart from others.

It will help if you practice doing this with almost anyone you see at parties or in nightclubs. Even if you are not attracted to the person and don't intend to talk to them, look for something that could form a connection between you and imagine what you would say. It will soon become second nature to you.

The important point with this technique is to talk about your own feelings, not hers. It works best if it's some kind of problem that you both have - you're dressed too smart, you wish you could smoke, etc. Does it look like her shoes might be uncomfortable? Don't mention her shoes, but create a connection by saying you wished you'd worn your new shoes a couple times before you wore them tonight.

You can win her trust in seconds by creating a bond like this. Then you can reinforce it with touch. A touch on the arm or upper back, or holding her hand for a moment, is ideal. This will reassure her that you are interested and will take care of her. Keep it brief to leave her wanting more.

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