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6 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Is your love life getting boring and predictable? Have you lost interest in sexual intimacy even though you still care about your partner? It happens to so many couples who have been together for a while. Sex becomes more of a habit than a thrill and they may secretly start to wonder if the excitement is gone forever. If this sounds like your situation, there is plenty you can do to turn things around. Here are a few ideas for heating up your sex life. more...

How To Get What You Want In Bed

Are you getting what you want? Sure, you and your partner make love regularly but are you really satisfied with what you do together? If your answer is "Yes, I am perfectly content with my sex life," then that's great. But if your answer is closer to "Umm... well..." then perhaps it's time for a change. Here are some tips for getting what you want in your sex life. more...

How Do I Talk About Sex With My Partner?

Sexuality is a very personal topic to most people. But when you're in a relationship, you need to be able to share your innermost thoughts and feelings in order to be truly intimate. Conversation is the primary way we learn about each other and reveal ourselves, but many of us don't have a lot of practice talking about delicate subjects. more...

The Top 3 Stumbling Blocks To a Great Sex Life

In the imaginary world of movies, television, magazines, and books, everyone seems to be enjoying rapturous sex in great quantity. In the real world, though, things are entirely different. Many adults would describe their sex life as just "so-so." more...

What is the Key to a Great Sex Life?

If you want a great sex life, there is one thing that is absolutely essential. It's not having a super-toned body or naturally curly hair. It's not owning a fancy imported car or a big-screen television. No, the essential element is conversation. more...

How to Improve Your Sex Life by Speeding Things Up - Advice for Women

One of the most common sexual issues in a relationship concerns the erotic response of men and women. There are always exceptions, but in general a man becomes aroused much more quickly than a woman does and can achieve climax in a fraction of the time it takes her. more...

How to Improve Your Sex Life by Slowing Things Down - Advice for Men

A frequent complaint of women is that their partner doesn't give them enough foreplay. Or he rushes through lovemaking and leaves them feeling a little frustrated. It's not a hard and fast rule, but generally women become aroused more slowly and take longer to achieve orgasm than men. more...

3 Great Reasons You Should Talk To Your Partner About Sex

Most of us find it easy to chat about the latest celebrity scandal or complain about what happened last night on American Idol. But when it comes to the things that really matter, we often get tongue-tied and shy. more...

How Can Music Improve Your Sex Life?

When it comes to getting intimate, dead silence doesn't always encourage a sexy mood. A little background sound can create a nicer atmosphere, as long as it's the right kind of sound. more...

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